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    Meridian Tooth Chart

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Our holistic dental practice integrates ancient wisdom
with leading edge science.

We use advanced technology and materials that are least toxic to your body and to the environment. Dr. Yamashiro values patient connection and trust and strives to make you feel comfortable with your dental care options.


EcoSense - A premium Dental Wellness Plan

No Insurance? No Problem! We’ve got you covered!
Become an EcoSense Member and receive complete preventive care at an affordable price.

Member Benefits Include:
• Free exams (2 per membership year)
• Free teeth cleanings (2 per membership year)
• Free unlimited low radiation digital xrays as needed
• Free unlimited “emergency” problem focused exams (during office hours)
• Up to 20% savings on dental procedures and products
• All the above FREE for children ages 1-5**
• Member only specials throughout the year
• Additional family members join and enjoy full member benefits at a greatly reduced rate**

*membership renews annually
**under primary member benefits begin immediately. There is no waiting period, no third party pre-authorizations and no hassle to begin treatment.

Dental care can be challenging emotionally and financially. The individualized treatment plan and personalized care you receive should come from listening to and understanding your unique needs. This can only be achieved by building a relationship with each patient without third party interference dictating treatment. Become an EcoSense Member today and receive the care you deserve.

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