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“Silver” Fillings Contain over 50% Mercury

Why are those black unsightly amalgam restorations called “silver” fillings when over 50% of its composition contains mercury? Mercury is a known neurotoxin causing a myriad of symptoms and can affect the brain, kidney, and liver. Due to its high toxicity, mercury fillings have been banned in Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries. It is still widely used as an inexpensive material for dental restorations in the United States. Chew On This! Why do mercury fillings have to be labeled, collected, and disposed of as hazardous waste, yet considered safe to put in our teeth?

If you have seen the smok’n tooth video on our website and have “silver” filings in your mouth, you’re probably convinced your teeth are smok’n with toxic mercury vapors every time you chew, grind, and consume warm/hot liquids and food. Should they be removed? Be aware that mercury vapors are released when drilled out and may cause an over exposure leading to a myriad of symptoms. Ecologic Dentistry practices safer mercury filling removal to minimize your exposure to this neurotoxin.

Dr. Carla Yamashiro is The Ecologic Dentist, practicing Holistic Dentistry in beautiful Bonney Lake for the good of our community and our planet. She is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology).

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