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Spiritual Dentistry- Energetic lessons learned through finding balance

We are more than our physical body—everything exists as a field of energy or vibration. In fact, our five senses are able to detect only the densest forms of energy, but energy exists that our senses cannot detect. Treating my dental patients holistically means looking beyond the physical body to include the mental-emotional and spiritual-energetic layers of the person and the disease process.

Creating Conditions to Support Balance

It’s been a challenge in dentistry to acknowledge that what we do in the mouth affects the entire body. Through research, we finally understand that there is a direct relation- ship between gum disease and systemic diseases, but the next step is to look beyond the physical body even to include the mental-emotional and spiritual-energetic components

to the disease process. In holistic dentistry, we encourage balance by using non-toxic physical application products like ozone, mental-emotional assessment for the awareness of disease through biological decoding, treating the physical, mental-emotional and energetic body with spagyric natural remedies and balancing the human energy field with bioenergetics and ACMOS. By addressing all levels of our being, we are able to create optimum environmental conditions to support homeostasis and improve health in the oral cavity and beyond.

Biological Decoding: What Are Your Teeth Telling You?

Biological decoding looks at the mental-emotional programs leading to disease. Conflicts and stress are a part of life. Most stressors are easily managed; however, when conflicts are heightened, our brain knows we can tolerate only so much stress and begins to manage it, in order to ensure the sur- vival of the person, family and species. When there is a large amount of stress, the brain sends this stress to a particular part of the body or system corresponding to the type of conflict experienced. Our brain will often even send a particular stress to specific teeth—I have facilitated the resolution of issues with teeth through biological decoding when physical treatments alone are unsuccessful, and I consider this a vital part of holistic care. Disease can be explained as a biological solution to a conflict, and the condition can be looked at as part of the healing process.

More Than Our Physical Body

Ecologic-Dentistry-Carla-YamashiroOur physical world is a life in duality. There’s a perceived right way and a wrong way. Holistic dentists would say mercury is a neurotoxin and does not belong in our mouth. Mercury filling proponents would say it is safe. In the realm of higher consciousness or spirit, we expand our senses beyond the physicality of duality and it is here we experience our truth. My role as a health professional is to share information: our universe is based on the principle of exchange or sharing of energy, energy is frequency, and frequency contains information. For example, 480 Hz give us the information that something is the color red. Even atoms share energy or information, giving and taking electrons, always in a constant exchange of information. When we are in alignment with our Source and our truth, we are inspired or “in spirit,” inspiration brings movement, energy in motion or emotion and from here we bring it into the realm of the physical and take action. I encourage patients to listen to their gut, to their truth, and what resonates with them.

I encourage my patients to expand and look beyond the box of the physical to consider our emotional and spiritual- energetic body as that which cannot be separated from the physical. We are all three at the same time and all aspects need to be considered for holistic wellness.


New Truth

New Truth

This article is dedicated to Dr. Yamashiro’s father who recently passed at 93 years young. He was, and will continue to be, Dr. Yamashiro’s inspiration for healthy and joyful living. 

What are spagyric remedies? And what does eating whole, organic foods have to do with dentistry? Dr. Carla Yamashiro shares how, for optimum health, oral health needs to take place at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

“A new truth is a new sense, for with it comes the ability to see things which we could not see before and things which cannot be seen by those who do not have the new truth.” –Westin A. Price, DDS

Dr. Price is best known for his studies on the effects of diet in dental disease and overall health. While vegans may not be able to stomach his dietary recommendations of consuming animal products, it is safe to say most of us can agree that eating whole, fresh, organic and unprocessed foods will likely lead to a healthier life.

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New Spirit Journal features Dr. Carla Yamashiro

Excerpt from Dr. Carla Yamashiro’s column at the New Spirit Journal, Chew on This. To read the entire article, click here.

Everyone has experienced a pounding headache! Sometimes the pain is actually caused by a physical bump to the head, but we also know that the pain can be initiated in other parts of the body (eye strain, neck pain), from environmental pollutants, electromagnetic frequencies, emotional stress, or from a myriad of causes. Treating the pain is only treating the symptom; however, holistic medicine goes deeper and seeks to treat the cause of the pain.

The same is true with dental health. Since our teeth are attached to our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies, our biological system needs to be considered and treated in its entirety for our overall health and well-being. This is the holistic or integrative model of dentistry and medicine, a full connection of our body, mind (and emotion), and spirit (energy).

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Oil Pulling – Natural Teeth Whitening

Looking for a natural, safe and effective way to whiten your teeth? A brighter smile can be yours without the chemicals used in bleaching agents. Try oil pulling with raw coconut oil. Teeth color can be categorized into 4 basic shades: yellow, orange, brown and gray, gray being the most resistant to chemical based whitening agents. With consistent use, oil pulling will brighten even gray hued teeth.

What is Oil Pulling? Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic treatment used for detoxification. Traditionally sesame seed oil is used as the oil pulling agent, however, the more palatable coconut oil may be used instead. Both are highly effective in removing toxins from the body. A brighter smile can make you look and feel better about yourself, but oil pulling does more than that. It benefits your overall health from inside out. As toxins are pulled out of your body, gum health and halitosis improves. Small cavities may arrest and remineralize. There are claims that oil pulling has systemic effects which is why this Ayurvedic therapy has been sought after.

How is Oil Pulling done? Take about a tablespoon of raw coconut oil (we prefer Skinny 100% raw coconut oil) and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes first thing in the morning. After 20 minutes, spit out then brush and floss your teeth, preferably with a natural chemical free toothpaste.

One of the main complaints is having to swish for 20 minutes. I tell my patients to start swishing first thing in the morning before getting ready for your day. By the time you are ready, 20 minutes will be well over and you’ll face the world healthier and with a brighter smile.

Here are a few additional tips: 1) Do not swallow the oil after you are finished swishing as it will be full of toxins that are pulled or drawn into the oil from your tissue. 2) It is an oil and may clog your sink over time. Spit into a waste basket or in the compost to keep your plumber away. 3) Consistency and time are keys to experiencing benefits, although, many people begin to notice changes immediately.

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