Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

Beautiful crowns and veneers completed in a single dental visit

Beautiful crowns and veneers that are strong and durable can be fabricated in a single visit using our Cerec cad/cam technology. Conventional methods take 2 weeks and require 2 visits before you receive your crown; that is, if your temporary crown doesn’t accidentally come off! You’ll add additional visits to the dentist office each time you lose a temporary if you choose the conventional route.

Cerec cad/cam technology allows us to practice minimally invasive dentistry. Where a filling can be restored with a composite, a ceramic inlay can be fabricated instead; producing a stronger, longer lasting and more esthetically pleasing restoration than a composite filling. Many times a ceramic onlay can be fabricated instead of a crown. An onlay conserves natural tooth structure without compromising support for the tooth that a crown would normally lend.

With cad/cam technology, there is no second visit, which means you don’t have to go through the numbing experience twice, and you don’t have to wait! At Ecologic, we value your time and your desire to do other things than sit in a dentist’s office all day! We provide beautiful, strong restorations crafted with cad/cam precision in a single visit.

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