Dental materials compatibility testing

At Ecologic Dentistry, we strive to use the least toxic material and least invasive procedure.

We take a holistic approach at Ecologic Dentistry, we make every effort to use the least toxic materials with the least invasive procedures. However, the dental industry is toxic and we are limited to the medicaments and materials available to us as an industry. While we strive to use the least toxic materials, every patient will manage toxins differently.

At the core, all matter is energy; that is, it has a vibration or a frequency. Frequencies contain specific information. For example, 400-484THz (terahertz) gives us the information that something is the color red. The frequency or information of dental materials will either be in harmony with our body, and therefore, compatible with a material, or will give misinformation and disharmony causing our body to react unfavorably, possibly creating dysfunction locally and throughout the body.

The mouth is the portal to the rest of the body and what we put in it matters. With Biofeedback technology, we are able to test material compatibility at the core or at the level of frequency vibrations with the unique frequency signature of the individual, allowing for a harmonious relationship between the individual to materials used.

Biofeedback Technology is not a lab test. For blood chemistry panels for chemical sensitivity to dental materials, we recommend the Biocomp Dental Materials Sensitivity Test. Bicomp tests blood serum against thousands of dental materials. Each dental material is categorized as highly reactive, moderately reactive and least reactive. For highly sensitive individuals, material testing on all levels is recommended. For metal allergies, we recommend the Melisa ® test.

For patients concerned about Mercury fillings, Ecologic Dentistry offers mercury filling removal and detox services.

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