A Holistic Approach to Dentistry.

"Treating my patients holistically means looking beyond the physical body to include the mental-emotional and energetic layers of the disease process."

If we give our bodies the right environment, our body heals. This means treating the physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems of the patient.

Holistic-dentist-healthy-dentistThe meridian system is the energetic channel through which the qi, our life force energy flows. Qi nourishes and energizes the body. The meridian system acts as the network of communication between our physical and the more subtle energetic bodies.

With 99% of matter being energy, it became evident to Dr. Yamashiro that treating her patients holistically means looking beyond the physical body to include the mental-emotional and energetic layers of the disease process. When all levels (physical, mental-emotional and energetic) of the patient are supported and in balance, we may then access our innate self-restoring abilities. Every tooth is connected to a meridian channel, so Dr. Yamashiro considers this energetic relationship as part of the treatment. The meridian channel can be the source of a tooth issue or vice versa. A physical and energetic assessment is part of Dr. Yamashiro’s treatment protocol.

Medicine as we know it is based on Newtonian science. In this system, a diagnosis is made based on physical symptoms presented. These symptoms are then labeled as a disease and then treated often by suppressing symptoms according to outlined protocols and procedures, rarely addressing the root cause.

Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Carols Rubbia said, “Matter is less than a billionth part of manifest in the Universe. The rest is energy fields interacting in space according to the law of intelligence, resonance phenomena and creating information fields.”

If this is true, then 1% of what we perceive by our 5 senses is physical matter and this is where diagnosis and treatment currently reside under the Newtonian model. The remaining 99% is un-perceivable matter called energy; therefore, there could exist 99% of dysfunction overlooked in our current system.

Through quantum science we have a “new sense” and are able to see things that we could not see before. We exist as a field of energy. This field of energy comprises 99% of who we are and when in balance, may potentate our physical health and well-being. Using quantum science, the unperceivable becomes detectable and treatable.

A new truth is a new sense, for with it comes the ability to see things which we could not see before and things which cannot be seen by those who do not have the new truth.”
Weston A. Price, DDS

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