Herbal and Homeopathic Dental Care

Natural and holistic solutions for gum disease and bad breath

Herbal and Homeopathic remedies have been used as a safe, effective, and natural way to treat and prevent many conditions. Through modern science, we are only now beginning to understand and appreciate what people in Asia and Europe have known and benefited from for centuries.

The Herbal & Homeopathic remedies that we have selected to use for dental treatment are from companies who have a history of producing it in the highest quality, are of pharmaceutical grade, and consistently produce therapeutic effects.

At Ecologic Dentistry, herbal & homeopathic remedies are used for mercury detox, cleansing and clearing, managing anxiety, swelling, pain, and bleeding, halitosis and gum disease. Though we do use conventional medicines, we offer these alternatives for individuals who want natural solutions that are safe and effective without harmful side effects that many conventional pharmaceuticals produce.



Fighting Bad Breath and Bacteria Naturally
Millions of dollars are spent on bad breath or halitosis. Without knowing the source of bad breath, many people are unsuccessful at ridding themselves of this problem. Mouthwashes only mask foul odors and only for short periods of time. Bacteria causing gum disease and dental decay is a common source of halitosis, however, diseases such as diabetes can also be a source.

It is important to see a health care professional to determine the cause of the odor. When the source is determined to be gum disease or dental decay, treating the gums and teeth can reduce odor significantly, however, when gums and teeth are healthy, looking to resolve halitosis as a problem stemming from the “inside” rather than an “outside” can bring satisfying results. We can help you to determine the source of halitosis and offer natural solutions that work.

At Ecologic Dentistry we see your dental hygiene program as an essential ingredient in supporting a healthy and vibrant life. Whether it is information you need or more involved periodontal treatment, our team of professionals are here to support you.

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