Our Holistic Approach to Dentistry

A natural approach to dentistry with Dr. Carla Yamashiro, The Ecologic Dentist.

Ecologic Dentistry offers the following holistic dental services:

More patients are getting wise to “silver fillings”, also known as “amalgam fillings”. These fillings might be more appropriately called “mercury fillings”. Mercury is a neurotoxin; a poison that is responsible for the degeneration of nerve tissue. Read more about our removal of silver fillings.
Because ozone kills a host of pathogens and is versatile in that it can be used in various mediums such as a gas, infused in water and in oil, it has a variety of applications as well as supports and enhances conventional treatment. Read how we use ozone therapy in our dental treatments.
At Ecologic Dentistry, herbal & homeopathic remedies are used for mercury detox, cleansing and clearing, managing anxiety, swelling, pain and bleeding. Though we do use conventional medicines, we offer some alternatives for individuals who want natural solutions that are safe and effective without harmful side effects. Learn more about our herbal recommendations for dental care.

“Conventional” dental care with our leading edge approach at Ecologic Dentistry

Beautiful crowns and veneers that are strong and durable can be fabricated in a single visit using our Cerec cad/cam technology. Read more on crowns.
A great smile gives us confidence and opens doors to building relationships in career and even love. MTM® is perfect for adults who have a good bite and want straight teeth without having to wear braces for 3 years. Straighten your teeth.
With our digital X-Rays, we are able to reduce your radiation exposure by 70-90% compared to conventional X-Rays. Dental X-Rays are always focused, exposing only a small and specific area, however, we always use a protective apron to protect your thyroid gland and the rest of your body from potential unwanted scatter radiation. Read about our zero radiation technology.
Bacteria causing gum disease and dental decay is a common source of halitosis, however, diseases such as diabetes can also be a source. It is important to see a health care professional to determine the cause of the odor. When the source is determined to be gum disease or dental decay, treating the gums and teeth can reduce odor significantly. Learn more.

Our holistic and natural approach to dentistry supports your uniqueness as an individual within a unified Whole. At Ecologic Dentistry, we consider the mouth to be the portal to the rest of our body and the mouth is where wellness begins. Our body naturally works toward establishing balance or homeostasis. We support our natural healing process by giving our body the ideal environment in which to heal itself by offering natural solutions and treatments that are minimally invasive and least toxic. Click here to view our Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

Like the childhood song “… the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone…,” your teeth are connected to your entire body. In Chinese medicine, each tooth is related to a specific organ and/or system in our body. Even the tongue is used as a diagnostic tool, as it reflects patterns of disease and conditions throughout our body.

A New Paradigm is upon us. One where Quantum Science brings understanding of Ancient Wisdom to our modern day community; where along with advances in technologies will transform our entire approach to medicine and our human experience.

In Quantum understanding, everything is Energy. Everything has a vibration, a frequency, or resonance. There is one vast quantum field to which we are all connected. It is with this understanding of our inter-connectedness that Ecologic Dentistry has been created and it is within this understanding that we work with our patients.

Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine

Integrative biologic dental medicine is defined by the School of Integrative Dental Medicine as “…dental medicine that partners the patient and dental practitioner to develop and integrate biologically safe, effective, established, and emerging treatment modalities. This allows for treatment that is not subservient to any one school of dental thought.”

Integration is the bringing together of the best in what traditional and biologic dentistry has to offer, bridging the gap between conventional and innovative thought. With Integrative Dental Medicine, both patient and doctor are active participants in seeking out, formulating, and co-creating solutions that best meet the goals for the patient.



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