Digital X-Rays and CariVu, the NO radiation technology

High quality, fast results, much less radiation exposure on your body

At Ecologic Dentistry we aim for the least toxic approach to dental care. Our advanced CariVu system, uses a specific wavelength of light enabling us to “see inside” of a tooth and detect cavities, often without the necessity of having to be exposed to radiation with x-rays. This system greatly reduces the amount of x-rays required for diagnosis of cavities and sometimes eliminating the need for it all together..

When x-rays are needed, we offer digital dental x-rays, a much healthier approach than conventional dental x-rays. We are constantly exposed to radiation from our environment and the last thing you want is to be exposed unnecessarily. Radiation exposure is cumulative after all.

Dental X-Rays can be important to diagnose cavities, bone loss and defects, cysts, abscesses, and tumors. An undiagnosed cavity can turn what would have been a simple procedure into a complex treatment. Early detection of abnormality is key to minimally invasive care and treatment.

With our digital X-Rays, we are able to reduce your radiation exposure by 70-90% compared to conventional X-Rays. Dental X-Rays are always focused, exposing only a small and specific area, however, we always use a protective apron to protect your thyroid gland and the rest of your body from potential unwanted scatter radiation.

Digital images are available instantly and are time efficient and there is no need to retake images for poor processing quality as images can be digitally adjusted for optimum viewing. In addition, toxic chemicals are not needed as it is with conventional X-Rays that utilize film.

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