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Summer is here! And so is the heat!

makana ecologic dentistry dogYou would think having been born and raised in Hawai’i I would love the summer heat, but I can’t take it. My soul-mutt Makana, on the other hand, loves summer because this is the time of year he gets to cool off at the lake!

I love seeing him jump out of his skin with excitement because normally nothing gets him jumping or sitting for that matter. I remember taking him to puppy school, and by the end of the program all the other dogs learned to do tricks, but Makana didn’t even learn how to sit. We would arrive at class and he would plop himself down on the floor and lay there the entire time. I couldn’t even get him to stand to teach him how to sit. He may not understand “sit” but he sure knows what “let’s go to the lake” means!

Another thing that cannot take the heat is dental amalgam.

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals containing tin, zinc, copper, and silver, but about half of it is mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin, but when it is “fixed” or “bound’ by these other metals, it is considered safe by the American Dental Association. However, research from the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (I.A.O.M.T.) shows that mercury vapor is released from its “fixed” state when exposed to heat or friction such as from brushing your teeth, drinking hot liquids, chewing gum, grinding teeth, or when the amalgam is drilled out by your dentist. Dr. Griffin Cole says “Levels of mercury during removal exceed government safety limits.”

Mercury vapor released when exposed to heatWhen it is time for amalgam restorations to be removed, there are safety protocols that can reduce your exposure to mercury vapors. One of the most important protocols is that the patient has an external oxygen source to prevent breathing in mercury vapors as they are released during the removal process. Use of a latex-free rubber dam helps keep particulate from entering the mouth. Rinsing and swallowing a slurry of charcoal or chlorella (algae) before the procedure and rinsing again after the procedure helps absorb mercury and decreases inadvertent exposure. Having a high-volume filtration system and a negative-ion generator to remove mercury vapor from the work space keeps patients and the dental team safe from exposure. These are a few examples of safer dental amalgam removal procedures. For complete lists of protocols, visit the I.A.O.M.T. and Huggins Applied Healing websites.

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