What patients are saying about Ecologic Dentistry

I am very concerned about the standard practice of dentistry with all the mercury and toxic substances that the average dentist uses.  Dr. Yamashiro shares my views completely.  If you want an Ecologic dentist without having to drive to Seattle, this is the place to go.
– Lorelei Carlson


“I had to have my crown replaced for the 3rd time due to the incompetence of my previous dentist. Not only was it finally done right, but with less than half the discomfort of my previous experiences. Great job!”
Bob Larson


I’m so thankful to be getting the metals removed! Mouth is sore today but with rest it is much better. I really appreciate the care this office gives to protection from these toxins in the removal process. Looking forward to total process completion. Many thanks
– Debbie Evans


I was lucky to find Dr. Yamashiro when we moved up here from  California 13 years ago. I am now 78 years old, I have been to a lot of dentists and I can honestly say that Dr Yamashiro is the best dentist that I have ever had to work on and repair my teeth. I am lucky to have just about all my teeth. A good part of that is that I have Dr Yamashiro as my dentist.”
– Lorne D.


I woke up with a tooth ache and they got me in the very next day.  She fixed my tooth the same day she saw me.  Staff is so nice.
– Lexi


Dr. Carla Yamashiro has been nothing but professional and kind in my many visits to her.

Going to the dentist has always been a stressful experience for me. Things are different at Ecologic Dentistry. The office has a relaxing atmosphere with subdued colors and even a relaxing massage chair. The staff are very pleasant and friendly. Dr. Yamashiro was very thorough, professional, respectful of my concerns, and friendly. The rates seem very reasonable and are comparable to the other dentists that I’ve been to. I recommend Ecologic Dentistry and Dr. Yamashiro to those seeking a great dentist who is concerned about your health and welfare.
– JT. H