Mercury Removal & Detox

Holistic techniques for safely removing mercury fillings

Why does Dr. Yamashiro and Ecologic Dentistry think you should be concerned about having mercury fillings in your mouth?

Mercury is a neurotoxin; a poison that is responsible for the degeneration of nerve tissue. Mercury may contribute to many disorders and symptoms such as Alzheimer’s, brain fog, dizziness, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, irritability, metallic taste, and more.

More patients are getting wise to “silver fillings”, also known as “amalgam fillings”. These fillings might be more appropriately called “mercury fillings”.

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals: tin, zinc, copper, silver, and about 50% mercury. When mercury is “fixed” or “bound” by these other metals, it is considered safe according to the American Dental Association.

However, when mercury is heated, it is released as a highly toxic vapor. Toxic mercury vapors can leach out of this mixture, or amalgam of metals when exposed to heat or friction, such as brushing your teeth, eating or drinking hot foods and liquids, chewing, and grinding your teeth. Harmful vapors are also released when amalgam fillings are removed.

This short video clip provided by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology shows how easily mercury vapors are released from dental amalgam fillings.


Ecologic Dentistry Offers Safer Dental Amalgam Removal

About 50% of dental offices are Mercury Free. But less than 1% are Mercury Safe!
Safety for our Patients, our Team, and Environment is our priority. At Ecologic Dentistry, we have set in place extra care to minimize your risk of exposure of mercury when removing dental amalgam fillings.

Our patients are given medical grade oxygen to minimize the inhalation of mercury vapors, our team uses filtration masks reducing our own exposure, and we use special evacuation equipment and follow strict toxic waste protocols to protect our precious environment.

What is Mercury Detox?
As mercury is released, it is filtered through the kidneys before leaving the body. As long as the rate of excretion is optimum, symptoms of mercury toxicity may not appear. With prolonged or massive exposure, and for individuals with sensitive systems, our body may not be able to eliminate mercury efficiently. Mercury that is not excreted can accumulate in our kidneys, liver, and brain. When mercury builds up in the body it often causes symptoms.

Mercury also has the ability to cross the placenta and is one of the reasons the use of dental amalgam is banned in many countries such as Canada, Denmark, and Sweden. In Germany it is banned from being used in pregnant women. Dental amalgam is still widely used in the United States as an inexpensive material.

There is a delicate dance when it comes to detoxing mercury. As your dental care team, we want to remove dental amalgam fillings and mercury from the body, yet, we do not want to over burden an already burdened system. Detoxification protocols are specifically designed with careful consideration of where you are in the spectrum of toxicity. Recommendations could include homeopathic remedies for clearing pathways and support, specific herbal supplements that absorb and eliminate mercury, or QuickSilver Scientific’s system for mercury detox. We will carefully work with you, considering all factors, so we are able to achieve detoxification step by step, in a way that is effective, safe, gentle, and natural.

Mercury Toxicity Test
If you  have symptoms of mercury toxicity, we highly recommend the mercury Tri-Test by QuickSilver Scientific. The Tri-Test ensures that we know where you are on the spectrum of mercury toxicity so we can protect you and support your body in mercury elimination.

Mercury found in the body comes mainly from two sources and is excreted through different routes. Methyl-mercury is found in seafood and is excreted from hair while inorganic mercury, what you find in dental amalgam, is excreted through urine. The mercury Tri-Test separates both forms of mercury and provides a ratio of excretion from these two sources. What determines toxicity is the rate of excretion to body burden. If our system is clearing what has entered, symptoms are less likely. In the case of an overburdened system that is not clearing mercury, we recommend QuickSilver Scientific’s system for mercury detox, a therapeutic and gentle way for detoxification.

Dr. Yamashiro received training by Dr. Chris Shade, inventor of QuickSilver Scientific products and founder of QuickSilver Scientific. Dr. Yamashiro will assist patients to understand the Tri-Test results and guide you along the way through the detoxification

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Courtesy of: The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology